Frozen 2 Official Trailer


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  • Lxxx Gaming
    Lxxx Gaming  8 less than a minute back

    2013 Movie: Target audience are kids
    2019 Movie: Target audience are those kids whose now older

    • V Manuvel
      V Manuvel  2 minutes back

      Spiderman ps4 graphics are better than this

      • badbitchsariya A
        badbitchsariya A  3 minutes back

        This a new level of excitement 2013 me is SCREAMING....

        • Sayyid Abiyyu
          Sayyid Abiyyu  4 minutes back

          elsa will be hokage

          • Amardias
            Amardias  5 minutes back

            ill bring my girlfriend wathcing this which i didnt have rightnow
            that is my oath

            • David Christian
              David Christian  5 minutes back

              buat umur berapa? semua

              • Goldeneyescat
                Goldeneyescat  5 minutes back

                I think I might be the only 13 year old I know who CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE

                • Mondane_CH.
                  Mondane_CH.  6 minutes back

                  Frozen 2 Tokyo Drift

                  • Ventralala
                    Ventralala  6 minutes back

                    I wait for ittt!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭💖💖💖

                    • SxRm!N3 TedD6G!rL
                      SxRm!N3 TedD6G!rL  6 minutes back

                      We Are Waiting💝😆

                      • CSno
                        CSno  9 minutes back

                        Bro this isn’t the avengers chill

                        • strawberry_ gacha_
                          strawberry_ gacha_  11 minutes back


                          • blue red OPr8
                            blue red OPr8  11 minutes back

                            There parents are alive

                            Just a guess

                            • ΑΝΑΣΤΑΣΙΑ ΚΑΤΣΑΡΟΥ

                              wow..just wow...I might be too old for it but I'm sure going to see it!

                              • Andr Ph
                                Andr Ph  11 minutes back

                                Global warming? No!!!
                                2013: Frozen
                                2019: still Frozen👍

                                • The Great Saiyaman
                                  The Great Saiyaman  12 minutes back

                                  Should have been this Winter

                                  • Ed Andromeda
                                    Ed Andromeda  12 minutes back

                                    Can't wait....

                                    • cнι••小さい •
                                      cнι••小さい •  14 minutes back

                                      uh k

                                      • Rhobbzthe Rabbit
                                        Rhobbzthe Rabbit  16 minutes back

                                        The same...

                                        • Joe Elhand Pirote
                                          Joe Elhand Pirote  17 minutes back

                                          I am so very excited !!!!

                                          • deviltxwn
                                            deviltxwn  17 minutes back

                                            everyone else: what is going on

                                            me: so is elsa gay or what

                                            • T-REX 8 BIT
                                              T-REX 8 BIT  17 minutes back


                                              • Starlight Edits
                                                Starlight Edits  18 minutes back

                                                How did it go to joyful movie

                                                Into a dramatic trailer?
                                                Is there anyone who doesn't understand this trailer?

                                                • •kruzti army•
                                                  •kruzti army•  18 minutes back

                                                  This is fire

                                                  • xzrmia
                                                    xzrmia  18 minutes back

                                                    It’s been almost 6 years since the first frozen movie

                                                    feel old yet?

                                                    • Lucia Guerriero
                                                      Lucia Guerriero  18 minutes back

                                                      Si lo visto già al cinema

                                                      • Маэлэй
                                                        Маэлэй  19 minutes back

                                                        Elsa vs global warming. That's a movie I wanna see.

                                                        • Dino
                                                          Dino  19 minutes back

                                                          Let it go x2

                                                          • Jacobi Jones
                                                            Jacobi Jones  19 minutes back

                                                            Boooo! This never needed to happen or the first one 👎👎👎

                                                            • Splat2ngirl
                                                              Splat2ngirl  20 minutes back

                                                              Is it wrong that i’m almost 14 and seriously want to watch this with my friend who is also almost 14!? 😂

                                                              • Curhat Bidan TV
                                                                Curhat Bidan TV  20 minutes back

                                                                kid’s party

                                                                • cj workplace
                                                                  cj workplace  21 minutes back

                                                                  F**k to all the people in this comment section saying all of this hateful things against the trailer, you are going to watch the movie anyway.

                                                                  • Frank Lampard
                                                                    Frank Lampard  21 minutes back

                                                                    Kapan rilis nya d bioskop?

                                                                    • Brad Lemon
                                                                      Brad Lemon  21 minutes back

                                                                      SICKO MoDE

                                                                      • mpye
                                                                        mpye  22 minutes back

                                                                        elsa... vador.

                                                                        • Taufik NH
                                                                          Taufik NH  23 minutes back

                                                                          Ada Orang Indonesia ( LIKE )

                                                                          • vena malihaa
                                                                            vena malihaa  23 minutes back

                                                                            yg indo?

                                                                            • SFMatthew ST
                                                                              SFMatthew ST  25 minutes back

                                                                              Disney 2013: Hey this movie was really successful!

                                                                              Disney 2013: Lets wait like 3 years to start making the next one!

                                                                              Disney 2019: Shit the kids are old

                                                                              • GLEEXTER Tv
                                                                                GLEEXTER Tv  25 minutes back


                                                                                • Jazzyplayz 123
                                                                                  Jazzyplayz 123  26 minutes back

                                                                                  I am soo exited

                                                                                  • Aji
                                                                                    Aji  27 minutes back

                                                                                    In the last, it's look like giant snowman that elsa created

                                                                                    • Jazzyplayz 123
                                                                                      Jazzyplayz 123  28 minutes back

                                                                                      Other movies: sometimes adult sometimes kids
                                                                                      Frozen 2: huh what do you mean even adult and kids teens babys like this movie
                                                                                      Other movie: whatt am i a joke to you

                                                                                      • mardhiyah millania
                                                                                        mardhiyah millania  29 minutes back

                                                                                        Nonton elsa jadi kaya nonton film setan ,suaranya itu lohh debest banget❤️

                                                                                        • meg
                                                                                          meg  30 minutes back

                                                                                          damn i was like 10 when i watched the first frozen,, upon watching this trailer i remember a lot of memories back when i was still in grade school it was inevitable.

                                                                                          • Madz Hobo
                                                                                            Madz Hobo  31 minutes back

                                                                                            Yippee! It's here! Took them long enough, it's been 6 years. 😀

                                                                                            • Dwagon
                                                                                              Dwagon  31 minutes back

                                                                                              Tbh Elsa looks pretty hot in this trailer.

                                                                                              Oh shit im lesbian now.

                                                                                              • Overdose X
                                                                                                Overdose X  32 minutes back

                                                                                                Frozen and mermaid

                                                                                                • Aleyda Shayna
                                                                                                  Aleyda Shayna  33 minutes back

                                                                                                  Elsa changed her costumes hehe